The story of us!


My husband, Yancy, is a school teacher and an amazing one at that! We met at a bible study in October of 1997. For me, it was truly "love at first sight".  I will never forget him walking into the room, he was the "new guy" and me thinking "that's the man I'm going to marry". Within a year, we were walking down the aisle, saying our "I do's"! He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and the one that has my heart. Our love has grown as we have walked through lifes many joys and heartaches together. The loss of our daugther, Grace, through a late term miscarriage,the birth of our two sons, my health crisis and double lung transplant, and life post transplant, just to name a few.He is my rock and has been faithfully by my side through thick and thin. I thank God for the gift of this Godly man in my life. I am blessed beyond measure! 


My other LOVES. 


My boys! My love for these two grows more and more each day. They are our "miracle babies" as I found out years after having them that I should have never been able to get pregnant with all the different medications I had been on. They both were born at thirty-six weeks and were teeny tiny but healthy boys. God has been so gracious to us as and we stand in awe of the amazing gifts He has given us through these two. It is an absolute joy to parent them. I love watching them play sports, play in the school band, interact with friends, etc, but moreso, I LOVE standing next to them on Sunday mornings and worshiping Jesus with them by my side! I LOVE praying with them in the car as I drive them to school and having good GOD conversations with them! I could go on and on...


My family and friends! Well what can I say. I have been blessed with the BEST! I am the youngest of four, and my family rocks! I have never felt more love and support than when I was on oxygen waiting for my transplant. Between cleaning my house, meals, taking me to appointments, showing up at my door with flowers, the countless cards, prayers and protein shakes, family and friends went above and beyond to show me the love of Christ. I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing body of believers and treasure those God has put in my life to walk this journey with. 


Women. I LOVE women! I love connecting with women. Spending time with women. Praying and encouraging women. I also LOVE speaking and teaching women about who they are in Christ. Being a Communication's major, talking has never been an issue for me. God has shown me through my own struggles what it is to really KNOW HIM and to KNOW how deep and wide and high and deep is His love for us and I am passionate about sharing that truth with everyone I come into contact with. I pray that my life would bring glory to HIM. I pray that my relationships, how I love others, regardless of how messy life can be, would speak to those around me and point them to Jesus. 


Butterflies. I can't get enough of em! I believe that God can speak to us in many ways, the bible, prayer, people, and nature, just to name a few. When I was on oxygen, God used butterflies to speak to me. I was reminded during this time how much my journey resembled that of a butterfly. That I was in many ways experiencing my own metamophosis. It takes time for a caterpillar to become a butterfly, BUT the ability to fly and the sheer beauty of it's new wings are worth the wait. I waited for sixteen months to recieve my new wings (lungs). I have never grown so much in my knowledge and understanding of MY GOD as I did during this time and it has been beautiful! Then and today, when I see a butterfly, I am reminded of God's promises and His relentless love for me. His amazing grace!  


Jesus! I am a Jesus LOVER! I don't know how to do life any differently. I can't sing His praises loud enough when I am in my car (alone of course) driving from here to there! I am BEYOND grateful for the cross and His saving grace that would save a wretch like me. I am a work in progress and am often reminded that He isn't finished with me yet. Oh that I would simply stay in my lane and not compare myself to those running alongside of me. And when I reach the finish line, may I finish strong and hear those precious words "well done"! I am cheering you on sweet sisters. You can do this, we can do it together.