"Just Breathe"...how it all began!

June 22, 2015

We have all had those days, those moments, that have held a lasting impresssion on us. An experience, creating a memory, that makes up the pages of our life story. Your very first crush, a special birthday or long awaited vacation. Time spent with dear friends, your wedding day or the day you gave birth to your sweet babies. Likewise, the fight that you had with a friend or your child, the day a precious loved one went to be with Jesus or you heard those dreaded words "cancer". It is those times when life stands still for a moment and a snapshot is taken that forever resides in your heart and mind. I have several of those such moments.


Mother's Day, 2011, was one of those such days. I was on oxygen this particular year, waiting for "new lungs". The boys were six and four at the time and in true Yancy fashion, he gave me this amazing gift. A picture frame. In it held all kinds of pictures that the boys had put together, some drawn and some taken from magazines, but all pictures showing a mom doing something with her kids with the words "healed or healing" surrounding them. As they placed the picture frame on the wall next to my bed, they told me that one day we would replace ALL of the pictures with ME and the boys! 


In the days and weeks ahead, as I laid in bed looking at this frame, tears came quickly. I wanted SO badly to be the mom that I saw in the pictures. I wanted to be a "normal" mom who did all the "normal" things that mom's do. Bowling, baseball, hiking, swimming, jumping on a trampoline and even running! 


I will never forget the look on the boys faces as they said "Mom, someday you are going to run with us"! We began talking about what that would look like and in that moment "Just Breathe" was born. We knew that post transplant we wanted to create a walk/run. The boys were super excited and hope began rising up inside of me as well!  


August of 2011, I received my "new lungs" and one year after my transplant we gathered at Frame Park in Waukesha for our first annual "Just Breathe". This year will be our 4th year of celebrating God's amazing grace and the blessing of my new lungs and second chance to do all of the things the picture frame shows! I would love to tell you that I will be running this year, I am not there yet, but working on it! Regardless, I couldn't be more excited to share the day with you and raise funds for The Lung Transplant Foundation. It is my prayer that this year would leave a lasting impression on you, with memories to last a lifetime! 


Please join us August 8th! Registration is open and easy! You can simply go to www.janetbyrne.org to sign up. We have a goal of having 500 partcipants this year and we need your help to get there! 



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