"Say What?"

August 26, 2015


We spent Monday in Chicago. Yancy and I decided that we would combine one last family "hurrah" before school starts in the Windy City with some testing and a Dr's appointment for me at the University.


In true Byrne fashion, we were running late. Yancy dropped me off at the hospital at 11:29. He was adament I acknowledge that he DID get me there with time to spare. My appointment was at 11:30, clear across the building mind you. So while I'm running to get to my appointment, he took off with the boys to do some shopping on the famous streets of Chicago. After they had fun downtown eating deep dish pizza, hitting the Lego store and NIke Town and I had all my tests done, NO BITTERNESS here, we met back up to meet with the surgeon and go through the results. 


The Dr. came in the room and as we looked at the CT scan together, he began telling us how happy he was with the results. I shouldn't have been surprised, Yancy wasn't, this has been what we have been praying for and claiming. My airway appears to be open and my breathing test was at 87%. We were beyond elated! Thank you Jesus! 


But then came those words I wasn't prepared to hear." You really NEED to be exercising! It is really important for your airway and to keep those lungs healthy!" 




I know what your thinking and yes I knew this. Yes, I know how important it is to exercise in life, in general. Yes, I should have been exercising all along. I know. I know. I know. BUT, frankly, I HATE IT! I would rather eat dirt than exercise. You know how some people LOVE exercising. I mean no disrespect but they post on facebook the miles they have run, biked, hiked, you name it, so all of us nonexercisers can feel even more pathetic, well that's me, the pathetic NONEXERCISER! 


So here I am, and here Yancy is, we both heard it. Right about now, I was wishing I was in the room by myself, but I wasn't, Yancy heard it too. I need to start doing the very thing I hate...EXERCISE.  I am not even sure why I hate it so much, I just do! I hate it! But here goes....


So last night we hit the Y. I couldn't find my card of course, haven't used it in FOREVER, but can't use that as my excuse any longer. And as I was on the treadmill, walking begrudgingly, I heard God speaking in my spirit. He was reminding me of other things that He had asked me to do, that I was hesitant to do, but out of obedience I did, and it led to blessings. The apology that He asked me to give, the phone call He asked me to make, the card He asked me to write and send, all the countless things that I had done, not because I liked it necessarily or because I wanted to, but simply because He asked me to and I wanted to be obedient. And in that moment I knew it was God asking me to exercise, not Dr. Wigfield. " You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body". Take care of it! Exercise. 


Life is beyond full of opportunities for us to listen and obey. NOT. ALWAYS, EASY. I am not sure what God might be asking you to do...forgive an offense, take in an orphan, share the gospel with a co-worker, change your eating habits, stop gossiping or maybe like me, exercise. Will you join me and say yes to HIS request even if it is the very thing you have been dreading, putting off, or pretending you didn't hear? Will you trust that If He is calling you to it, blessings will come as you are obedient. I am gonna hit the treadmill today with joy in my spirit. First of all, I am ALIVE and able to do it but more importantly I want to obey! How about you? 




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