"I" Promise.

October 16, 2015



I love this kid! He brings so much joy to our family. He is funny. Sensitive. And SUPER creative. He is also our practical joker! Painting clear nail polish on our soap so that it doesn't lather, putting water in the Almond Milk container, johnny rigging the faucet, you name it! He loves building things and is happiest with some duck tape and some PVC pipe in his possession. 


He is also our "Mom, can you? Mom, will you?" kid. 


This week it was "Mom, will you take me to Home Depot?" "Sure" I replied. AND THEN IT CAME. "You PROMISE". And without putting any thought into my answer I said "yes". 


What would have typically been no big deal, this week was a challenge. After a bronc last week to stretch open my airway, I have been SUPER tired, my pulse has been up, and I have just been spent by the end of the day...meaning 5 o'clock! So when Monday night came and Gavo asked "Mom are we going to Home Depot?" My quick response was "no buddy, not tonight". And then he said "but Mom you promised" and he was right. 


In that moment, I instantly thought about all of the promises that I have broken with this kid. The countless times that he has asked "you promise?" and I hap hazzardly threw out a "yes" only to break the promise for any number of reasons. "Not tonight" "maybe tomorrow", "I didn't get a chance", "I'm sorry I forgot". And in that moment I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to buck up and take him to Home Depot. 


In the car, I explained to him how sorry I was for breaking my promises to him in the past. He started to cry as I said "I really didn't feel like going to Home Depot, but you asked me to promise and I did". He felt bad, he is that kind of kid, and I needed to make sure that he knew that this was on me, not him. 


We are called to show our kids who Jesus is through our actions. I LOVE pointing Grant and Gavin to Jesus. I love teaching them who they are in Christ. I want more than anything for them to know what God's promises are for them are and how important it is to stand on those promises. SO here I am breaking one promise after another and NOT reflecting Jesus to my son. I know it was just a trip to Home Depot, but at this point it had become SO much more! 


We spent the car ride talking about Jesus. How thankful we are that He NEVER breaks a promise and why HE is the only one who can make them. We shared some of our favorite Jesus promises and talked about why we need to give eachother grace upon grace as we journey through this life. It was a beautiful conversation between me and my 10 year old and one that I hope I won't soon forget!


I love you Gavo. I am so thankful for you and love how God uses you to help me become more like Him! 






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