Update...Bronc Tomorrow

February 22, 2016



I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in my parents driveway, on oxygen, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Yancy was, in true Yancy fashion, encouraging me to grab hold of TRUTH. You see, as I stared at deaths door, I found myself doubting God's love for me. I wondered how God could do this? How He could love me and yet not answer my prayers for healing.


I remember Yancy throwing my bible on the ground, jumping on it, and saying it was time that I start standing on His Word. It was a moment in my life that I will never forget and one that changed me forever. He pointed me to several verses and said I needed to settle them in my heart, to trust they were TRUE, regardless of how I felt. I drew a line in the sand that day and resolved to not doubt HIS unfathomable love for me since.


Well after countless broncs and dropping pulmonary function tests, I find myself in my parents driveway once again so to speak, choosing to stand on TRUTH, regardless of what I see in front of me. And I find myself drawing yet another line in the sand choosing to believe His word above all the lies.


Choosing to walk in faith and NOT fear. Choosing to believe that "By His stripes I AM healed" regardless of what symptoms stare at me. Choosing to see myself as He sees me, blameless, without blemish or defects, without sickness. Choosing to stand firm no matter who might think I am crazy. Choosing to read His word and accept it as TRUTH even if it might seem otherwise in the natural. "I am more than a conqueror". "I am a new creation". I walk in victory and "nothing is impossible for me as I choose to believe". I am living "under the shadow of the Almighty" and "nothing can harm me". Amen. "With long life He will satisfy me"! (All verses in the bible)


So tomorrow as I drive down to Chicago for another bronc I am trusting in Him. I am drownng out the voices of Dr's and listening to the voice of TRUTH instead. I am speaking out TRUTH over this body and praying that His TRUTH would be revealed and manifested in me! And I am asking you to do the same. 


Please stand on TRUTH with me and join me in claiming TRUTH regardless of what our eyes can see. This is the faith that He has called us to. This is what pleases Him. And this is where our hope lies!


For those who thought I was back on oxygen, I want to dispell that rumor too. I AM NOT! 


Praying and believing tonight! Thank you for standing with me and praying alongside of me! SO blessed by you all. Thank you for your prayers, cards, gifts and LOVE! You continue to amaze me! 


Love you all! 







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