Getting Our "5" On!

June 25, 2016

 It's hard to believe August will mark 5 years since my double lung transplant. In many ways, it seems like just yesterday. I remember so vividly the day the call came. Where I was, what I was doing, the drive to the hospital. I can put myself back in that hospital bed almost instantly, surrounded by family and friends, waiting, wondering, praying.


It is amazing how I can't seem to remember what I need from the grocery store or what I was about to say in a conversation and yet I can still see the butterfly that lit up the elevator ceiling that August 12th day. I can still sense the peace I felt in my heart and the sheer joy that came from knowing my time here wasn't done. 


And now here we are about to celebrate FIVE years. I'm calling it my "Five MORE". Five MORE amazing years God has blessed me with. Five MORE years to hold my husband's hand and hear him say "I love you". Five MORE years to watch Grant and Gavin grow up and exchange those same three words. Five MORE years to be present for braces, teeth being chipped, new hairdos and clothing trends like joggers. Five MORE years of sporting events and countless conversations! Five more years of learning about crushes followed by heartfelt prayers and yes those two go hand in hand. Five MORE years of  singing my favorite praise songs in my car. Five MORE years of lessons learned and relearned and then learned again. Five MORE years to love and be loved, to screw up and to ask for forgiveness. FIVE MORE! AND five MORE precious years to fall deeper in love with my Jesus. To declare the works of HIS hands and give HIM all the glory for these ....FIVE MORE!


I am beyond blessed. These years have been a gift , hard at times for sure, BUT an absolute gift. AND if you are reading this, then YOU TOO  have been blessed with five MORE. Your five MORE of _____________________! Think about that...YOUR FIVE MORE! 


AND please join us Saturday AUGUST 13th to celebrate LIFE and get YOUR "5" on with us. It is gonna be a great time! 


Please register today at  under Just Breathe! 


ALSO, please let me know if you would like to be a corporate sponsor and/or would like to donate to the silent auction. The t-shirts are going to be awesome. You won't want to miss this one!!! 









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